Takoma Neighborhood

Takoma: a semi-rural lifestyle with easy access to the city. Truly, the only DC neighborhood sporting its own neighborhood rooster (his name is Roscoe). Takoma is a small town in a big city. Much like Capitol Hill, Takoma DC is the type of neighborhood where you know your neighbor and will run into them and your local friends on a regular basis as you fraternize local establishments or walk down the tree-lined streets.

Takoma DC, developed as a suburb by Benjamin F. Gilbert in 1883, was the first commuter suburb in the area – originally located on approximately 100 acres of land around the B & O Railroad tracks. Mr. Gilbert planned the suburb ignoring jurisdictional lines and, as such, the original town of Takoma Park sits on the line between the District and Maryland. The DC portion is known as a historic district.

Socially, Takoma neighborhood is amuch in hearty neighborhoody activities that are fun for the whole family. Home of the Takoma Recreation Center and Public Pool (one of an esteemed group of DC’s notable rec centers), Takoma DC provides fertile ground for the community-minded.

Geographically, Takoma DC sits at the northeastern tip of DC, next to the border of Takoma Park, MD, along Eastern Ave. Bounded by Georgia Ave to the west, b/w Tuckerman and Van Buren streets to the south, the current station for Walter Reed Army Med Center (on Georgia Ave) separates Takoma neighborhood from Rock Creek Park.


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Georgetown Neighborhood

Georgetown NeighborhoodInformation about Georgetown neighborhood –

When Congress created the District of Columbia in 1791, Georgetown was included in the outline of the 10-mile square.  Georgetown continued to grow, with Georgetown University founded in 1789, and much of the area developed with commercial buildings near the water and residential buildings further north on higher ground.  Georgetown retained its identity for quite a while– that is, until its town charter was revoked in 1871, and when it was finally ordered in 1880 to conform with DC’s street naming structure.Georgetown University Sketch

Socially, Georgetown neighborhood is awash in a mix of tourists, shoppers, and college students. This is one of the best places for shopping in DC, and the worst for walking.

Geographically, Georgetown neighborhoods mecca is at the intersection of M St and Wisconsin avenue – this is also where you can find Georgetown mall, a great place to beat the heat – an official DC summer past-time.

Historically, Georgetown used to be the congested slave quarters for wealthy DC landowners back when the area was largely a swamp and not the price waterfront real estate it is now.

Politically, Georgetown is located in ward

Fraternally, besides the healthy collection of bars around the M/Wisconsin intersection, you’ll find the best place to go during the summer is on the waterfront. People watching is at a premium and you get the added benefit of boat people watching while drinking outside.

Fun Fact: The parking garage of the waterfront was recently flooded (an allegedly avoidable accident) that cause millions of dollars worth of damage and cause the waterfront bar scene to close for a period of time.