Glover Park Neighborhood

Glover Park Neighborhood is in between Georgetown and Cathedral Heights along Wisconsin Ave and is very popular with young professionals and young families. It has a the biggest and best Safeway in DC and a Whole Food within 4 blocks of each other, and a gang of great restaurants and drinking establishments clustered together by the intersection of Wisconsin and Calvert.

There is a lot to learn about Glover Park, but the first thing you should know is how do you pronounce Glover Park? As a born and raised Washingtonian (5 generations deep on my mother’s side) I am somewhat humbled to say that I grew up about a mile from this neighborhood and said the name wrong for decades before reading this article in the Washington Post. I have since been correctly saying the name despite the overwhelming mass of confident DC’ites who almost make me feel like I was right in the first place.

The two ways of saying it are like clover, or like lover – the way Danny pronounces it.

So the clover contingent will point to the DC public transit system and point out that the buses prounce it like clover, and believe that should end the debate right there. However, as infallible as the DC public transit system may seem to be, there is one man that trumps that argument: Charles Carroll Glover. Charles (no relation to Danny) was born in 1846 and worked his way up from a teller at Riggs Bank (once a glorious DC institution as important as any other) to become the bank’s president. He worked his ass off and eventually owned and donated the land where Glover Park now rests.

Bottom line is, when you donate billions of dollars of real estate which is then named after you, how you pronounce it is the correct way to pronounce it.

Nancy Symington (born a Glover) was interviewed by the Post at her 84th year of age, asking how she pronounces her maiden name. She sides with Danny and set the record straight to let the people know: it’s like a glove.

how to pronounce glover park