Georgetown Neighborhood

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When Congress created the District of Columbia in 1791, Georgetown was included in the outline of the 10-mile square.  Georgetown continued to grow, with Georgetown University founded in 1789, and much of the area developed with commercial buildings near the water and residential buildings further north on higher ground.  Georgetown retained its identity for quite a while– that is, until its town charter was revoked in 1871, and when it was finally ordered in 1880 to conform with DC’s street naming structure.Georgetown University Sketch

Socially, Georgetown neighborhood is awash in a mix of tourists, shoppers, and college students. This is one of the best places for shopping in DC, and the worst for walking.

Geographically, Georgetown neighborhoods mecca is at the intersection of M St and Wisconsin avenue – this is also where you can find Georgetown mall, a great place to beat the heat – an official DC summer past-time.

Historically, Georgetown used to be the congested slave quarters for wealthy DC landowners back when the area was largely a swamp and not the price waterfront real estate it is now.

Politically, Georgetown is located in ward

Fraternally, besides the healthy collection of bars around the M/Wisconsin intersection, you’ll find the best place to go during the summer is on the waterfront. People watching is at a premium and you get the added benefit of boat people watching while drinking outside.

Fun Fact: The parking garage of the waterfront was recently flooded (an allegedly avoidable accident) that cause millions of dollars worth of damage and cause the waterfront bar scene to close for a period of time.


Cleveland Park Neighborhood

Cleveland Park DC Neighborhood

Socially, Cleveland Park neighborhood is very family friendly and family oriented. For DC this is about as close to the suburbs as you’re going to get: organic food markets, easy dining, movie theaters, schools, greenery, library, toy stores, …. etc.

There are a fair number of bars as well, but they are all pretty concentrated on Connecticut Ave.

Geographically, Cleveland Park neighborhood is in central northwest DC.

Historically, Cleveland Park neighborhood has the most historic movie theater in all of DC, the colossal Uptown Theater.  Multigeneration Washingtonians know this theater as the place to see the blockbusters the way they were meant to be seen.

Politically, Ward:

Fraternally, Cleveland Park neighborhood keeps thing casual. Not a mecca for martinis but plenty of places to find a good pint.

Fun Fact: If Cleveland Park does indeed have a park, it is very hard to find.

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Chevy Chase (DC) Neighborhood

Chevy Chase

Socially, Chevy Chase neighborhood has a wide variety of entertainment and outdoor activities.

Geographically, Chevy Chase neighborhood extends along Wisconsin avenue from DC to Maryland and vice versa.

Historically, Chevy Chase neighborhood has had a lot of stories to tell.

Politically, Ward:

Fraternally, Chevy Chase neighborhood

Fun Fact: Chevy Chase neighborhood was so-named as a veiled insult from a powerful DC family to Canadian borne actor Dan Aykroyd who had (at that time) vowed to erase said SNL cast members name from the history books. The two comedians have since made up and have been seen cordially eating together at the local Cheesecake Factory.

Capitol Hill Neighborhood

Capitol Hill DC NeighborhoodCapitol Hill, currentliy leading the re-gentrification pack, is the largest historic neighborhood in the District of Columbia.  In days gone by, Capitol Hill was the place where senators, congressmen and important government officials called their home.  After the crime wave in the 80’s this neighborhood went out of favor with most professionals who left for less dangerous neighborhoods.  Currently, this neighborhood has some of the highest rent prices in DC – a testiment to the demand this very trendy neighborhood commands.

Socially, the Capitol Hill neighborhood has a lions share of the best and most popular brunch spots in the city. Great bars and restaurants abound.

Geographically, is located near the Capital and the new Nationals stadium by the Navy Yard.

Historically, was once a very prestigous neighborhood before gun violence in the 80’s forced many of its long-standing neighbors out to the DC suburbs.


Fraternally, this is a fantastic place to brunch.

Fun Fact: No fun fact at this time. If you have a fun fact about Capitol Hill please submit to

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American University Park Neighborhood

AU Park DC NeighborhoodAmerican University Park is a rather vanilla neighborhood profile and is definitely on the low-key relaxing side.  It features beautiful, well-manicured lawns and relatively friendly neighbors.

Landmarks include American University’s Washington College of Law, and the chancery of the diplomatic mission of Japan (neighborhood has traditionally been popular among diplomatic communities).

Schools: Janney Elementary School; Deal Middle School; Wilson High School; Georgetown Day School

Socially, Turtle Park, (officially known as Friendship Park) is the focus point of the family oriented community/ community oriented activities.  It includes a wonderful playground for children, a nice field and tennis courts.


Geographically, Tenleytown and Friendship Heights lie to the east, Embassy Park to the southeast, and Spring Valley—home to the university—to the southwest.

Architectually, This neighborhood is almost exclusively single-family homes with a variety of architectural styles are present.  Although one of Washington’s first tracts developed with the automobile in mind, the approximately 2800 homes are well-spaced, accommodating porches and/or stoops, but often lacking driveways, characteristic said to boosters and contributes to the community spirit.

Historically, American University Park neighborhood has been a meh place the Ford Taurus of DC.

Politically, AU Park neighborhood is part of Ward 3 and Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3E.

Fraternally, this neighborhood does not have a lot of social options with only a sparse smattering of restaurants and no bars unless you count happy hour at Chef Geoffs.

Fun Fact: AU actually has a pretty decent-sized venue for concerts. They actually had Nirvana play there, back in the day.


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