Downtown Neighborhood

Downtown DC NeighborhoodSocially, the Downtown DC neighborhood has an interesting mix of mostly homogenized government/financial/lawyer professionals with a smattering of tourists/convention goers who are out for a good time. While the coffee shops and smaller food venues become ghosted after 7pm, happy hour joints thrive until 10pm on a daily basis.old post office building dc

Geographically, downtown Washington is broadly considered to be anything north of Constitution Avenue NW, east of Rock Creek Park, south of M Street NW, and west of the U.S. Capitol. The area east of the Capitol and north of Massachusetts Avenue is sometimes called “Downtown East”. However, that geographical area includes as many as nine separate neighborhoods, including Foggy Bottom, West End, Penn Quarter, Mount Vernon Square, Chinatown, Sursum Corda, Judiciary Square, Swampoodle, and NoMa.Smithsonian Museum

Historically, downtown DC has always been more business district than neighborhood.

Politically, Ward: 2.

Fraternally, the downtown area does serve as a fertile post-intermural-game-on-the-lawn party zone. Due to its proximity to the wide open green spaces that host many coed after-work sports leagues, bars like The Exchange accommodate a healthy environment for young professionals to make some bad decisions.

Fun Fact: Downtown DC has never been occupied by a foreign power.

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Catholic University Neighborhood

Catholic University

Socially, Catholic University neighborhood is safer than it used to be and therefore has encouraged more local social activities.

Geographically, Catholic University neighborhood is located by Catholic U.

Historically, Catholic University students lived in fear of stray bullets.

Politically, ward

Fraternally, Catholic University does have some fraternities.

Fun Fact: Catholic University has a law school.

Anacostia Neighborhood

Anacostia Neighborhood DCAnacostia Neighborhood is worth taking a second look at.

Socially, Anacostia is getting better all the time. While it has and continues to be a dangerous neighborhood after dark, this DC neighborhood is becoming more mainstream.

Geographically, Anacostia is found adjacent to the Anacostia river.

Historically, has been a pretty dangerous place to live.



Fun Fact: Anacostia hosts the former St. Elizabeth’s mental institution.


American University Park Neighborhood

AU Park DC NeighborhoodAmerican University Park is a rather vanilla neighborhood profile and is definitely on the low-key relaxing side.  It features beautiful, well-manicured lawns and relatively friendly neighbors.

Landmarks include American University’s Washington College of Law, and the chancery of the diplomatic mission of Japan (neighborhood has traditionally been popular among diplomatic communities).

Schools: Janney Elementary School; Deal Middle School; Wilson High School; Georgetown Day School

Socially, Turtle Park, (officially known as Friendship Park) is the focus point of the family oriented community/ community oriented activities.  It includes a wonderful playground for children, a nice field and tennis courts.


Geographically, Tenleytown and Friendship Heights lie to the east, Embassy Park to the southeast, and Spring Valley—home to the university—to the southwest.

Architectually, This neighborhood is almost exclusively single-family homes with a variety of architectural styles are present.  Although one of Washington’s first tracts developed with the automobile in mind, the approximately 2800 homes are well-spaced, accommodating porches and/or stoops, but often lacking driveways, characteristic said to boosters and contributes to the community spirit.

Historically, American University Park neighborhood has been a meh place the Ford Taurus of DC.

Politically, AU Park neighborhood is part of Ward 3 and Advisory Neighborhood Commission 3E.

Fraternally, this neighborhood does not have a lot of social options with only a sparse smattering of restaurants and no bars unless you count happy hour at Chef Geoffs.

Fun Fact: AU actually has a pretty decent-sized venue for concerts. They actually had Nirvana play there, back in the day.


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